The Day After (Super Bowl Musings)

Every Monday during football season we hear from the ‘Monday Morning Quarterbacks’ who second-guess the moves made during the games of the previous day. Today, however, is special. On ‘Super Monday’ we not only get to hear from the armchair quarterbacks, but from the armchair Creative Directors as well. Everyone will have an opinion not only on the play the 49ers called on fourth and goal with the game on the line but just as many will have an opinion on if went too far. Why was there no breakout Betty White Snickers commercial and was Willem Dafoe a scary Satan?

I’d like to take a different tack and pass along my observations on the armchair creatives and broadcasters. I spent the game set up for multi-media. TV, laptop open to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. iPhone and iPad at the ready. As the game unfolded I tweeted and posted about spots I liked, the same as anyone else. As time passed I became fascinated by the tweets and posts, the vast majority concerning the commercials and broadcast and not the game itself. I expected that, most of my connections are media related. What I didn’t expect was the level of criticism directed at both the commercials and the broadcast.

I was especially fascinated by the local TV reporters who couldn’t tweet fast enough their critique of CBS’s handling of the power outage. That wasn’t Lara Logan reporting from Afghanistan, you were looking at mostly former football players thrown into a situation no one remotely expected would happen. To stoop to their level for a moment, it made them look envious and unprofessional. Watching the game is probably the closest they’ll ever come to a network gig.

The most entertaining part of the game on Twitter and Facebook was the power outage. The comments and tweets were hilarious. My favorite was a re-tweet: ‘If you liked it then you should have put a back-up generator on it’. Maybe next year someone will buy a spot and just run tweets in it. That should get the armchair creatives going.

I hope I haven’t gone against my premise by criticizing the critics. I’m sure I’ll get criticized for that.

Look at the bright side. Baseball season is just around the corner and people can second-guess managers every day!

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