Super Tuesday Reminder

In the world of advertising Super Tuesday reminds us that the next political windows will begin 60 days prior to election day (September 8th) and 45 days prior to a September primary. The political window, explained quickly, means that campaigns must, by law, be given the lowest unit rates by TV and Radio stations. This prompts stations to raise rates and be less flexible during these times lest a campaign come in and demand the same treatment as long-time advertisers. It also prices smaller advertisers out of the market. Circumstances can vary from state to state based on the races. While Massachusetts may not be a swing state in the Presidential contest, it is expected to host the nastiest Senate race in the country, which means LOTS of campaign ads. This can be problematic in October, the first month of the fourth quarter and key advertising time in a consumer world where the holiday season starts earlier every year.  The advice? Plan, plan, and plan. Look ahead. Look for alternatives and consult someone who knows how these windows work and can keep them from crashing down on your fingers.


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