• Advertising

    “There’s no need to panic. It’s only surgery. It’s not like we’re doing advertising.”

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  • Digital


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  • Marketing

    Know Thy Audience

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  • Research

    Knowledge is Power!

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  • Video Production

    Are you ready for your ‘close up’?

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Why Us?

Waverider Communications draws on over 25 years of knowledge, experience and relationships in the media community to provide clients with dynamic, efficient and most importantly, cost-effective advertising, public relations and marketing solutions. We act as your unbiased representative to the media.

We sort through the confusion and sales tactics to provide you with the best possible advertising and public relations campaigns, utilizing the best media for you at the best possible price. Don’t permit the confusion of today’s media landscape to keep you from reaping the benefits of an effective advertising and public relations program.

Businesses hire Insurance Agents, Accountants and Lawyers to handle liability, financial and legal matters. Why wouldn’t you hire a professional to deal with the complexities of advertising and public relations?

Let us put our outside “the box” thinking to work for you!

You can also see us at:
Twitter: @waveridercomm