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Let’s face it. Most people look at advertising as the toy department of a business. It’s fun. It’s exciting. How hard can it be? Look at ‘Mad Men’. We’ll concede that anyone can create an ad. Can anyone create a good ad? An effective ad? An ad that gets results? That, is a different matter.

Waverider takes a customized approach to our clients’ advertising. We are often asked, “Do you specialize in a specific industry?” The answer is we are ‘vertically agnostic’. We have the experience and means to take a fresh approach to your business. To ask the questions that ‘specialists’ won’t bother to ask because in reality, no two businesses are exactly alike. This fresh approach when combined with sound advertising fundamentals creates a formidable force taking your message to market.

As part of our process we will sit with you and discuss in detail your business and your goals. Our brainstorming sessions are events unto themselves and we may even ask to work for you for a day in order to understand the inner workings of your company! We’ll craft a message that will punch through the clutter.

However, the best ads in the world won’t work if no one sees or hears them. Waverider will create a media plan, meet with media reps to look for unique opportunities, confirm proper placement and deliver the most cost effective and efficient schedules and placements possible. We then back that up with post-schedule analysis that will insure proper audience delivery.

It’s not martinis and cigars. It’s really hard work and research that make advertising work. When you work with Waverider you get all this AND the added bonus of having more time to dedicate to growing your business.