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Business Development

Here is one of Waverider’s key competitive advantages. In addition to delivering creative, media buying and planning services, we also have a deep well of sales experience that we have no issue sharing (we also shared our crayons in Kindergarten). Throughout our careers, the team at Waverider has received some of the most advanced and sophisticated sales training available from some of the world’s largest corporations (Bell System, Post-Newsweek, Viacom, CBS, Comcast, etc.).

Most people running a business for more than a month have been exposed to some form of business development training. Most which consists of a half or full day of training. You’re all excited to implement this plan and then as the days go by you fall back to your old ways, never seeing any return on your investment or the trainer again.

We take a fundamentally different approach. Business development is an ongoing process. As such, it needs ongoing attention. Here’s a typical scenario: you work like crazy to earn new business, you get crazy busy on the projects you landed so you don’t have time to engage in your business development activities. The projects come to an end and you are back to square one. Sound familiar?

Our team will spend time with you, identify your goals and create a plan of consistent account development tailored to your needs, but that’s not where the process ends. We then meet with you on a regular basis to review the plan, gauge progress and make changes as necessary. Our objective is to make this plan the result of a collaborative effort we both commit to making a success.