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Market Research

Waverider Communications’ Market Research Service is designed to give small businesses the information they need to compete in today’s business environment.

Today it is vital to tap into your customer base to see if you are fully satisfying their needs. This knowledge allows a business to head off potential challenges before they result in lost business and also provides information on where a company excels so that it may leverage that success into more business. Companies also need to identify opportunities for future growth whether they come by expanding product and/or service offerings, expanding geographically, or both.

We can conduct surveys to meet both needs.

#1-Current Customers. We take your database of current customers and conduct an email survey consisting of questions customized to your business. We create, administer and summarize the survey for you. You will be delivered all survey results, overview graphics and a written summary of conclusions and recommended action steps.


  • Creation of Survey
  • Execution of Survey
  • Compilation of Results
  • Production of Final Product
  • Summary of Findings
  • Recommendations

Total Investment: $499

#2-Market Conditions. We will customize a survey to reach a specific audience. Is opening a new location a good idea? We can survey to survey to see if the market you are considering is the right choice. Are you looking at expanded hours or new products? We can conduct a survey to give you the information to make the best decision.

Market Condition surveys are customized and will be quoted on a project basis.

Contact us today and get the competitive edge you need!