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Our Work

Here is a sampling of the work Waverider has created for our clients.


Falcon Global Edge needed a concise way to describe their freight forwarding business. By utilizing animation and a straightforward script we produced the following video. The final package included a continuous loop for trade shows as well as 100 DVDs to be used for sales and marketing efforts:


Community Work Services was established in 1877. This non-profit has spent over 135 years working to help people through training and guidance designed give them the marketable skills necessary to obtain gainful employment. The organization needed a video to utilize in fund raising efforts. Here is one in a series produced cost effectively by Waverider:


A+ Dentistry is a growing dental practice in Brookline. The practice needed to produce an effective television commercial to be utilized in a campaign. There was also an extremely tight turnaround for the project. We overcame this challenge by utilizing still photography and creative editing to give the appearance of movement without the time constraints of multiple takes. Here is the final product: