Why Us?


What do Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing all have in common? They are all ways to communicate. At one time each of these disciplines stood alone with very little overlap. Today the lines are blurred. To help businesses navigate through these interesting times a new type of company is needed.

Waverider creates, produces and places advertising. But we’re not an ad agency. Waverider crafts a client’s image and then promotes that image to the media as well as the general public. But we’re not a PR firm. Waverider creates and manages social media identities and maintains blogs for clients. But we’re not a social media company.

Waverider Communications is a company that does all of the above and more because we are a COMMUNICATIONS company. It is our mission and passion to help our clients achieve their goals by providing the best and most creative ways for them to communicate their message. As you look through our website you will discover the many ways we can help your business.

Businesses have Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers and Insurance Agents as key counselors who provide valuable advice in their areas of expertise. Shouldn’t you also have an expert to create, deliver and manager your message?

We’re Waverider Communciations. We’re a communications company. We’d like to be your communications partner.







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