The Case for Networking


“I should do more networking but____”.

We’ve all said and heard this before but I submit that in the technology top-heavy world in which we live, in person networking is more important than ever. Email, voice mail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other technological breakthroughs may have made it easier to reach new contacts but also made it harder to cultivate business relationships. The irony is the more we use technology to be efficient the more important an old fashioned face to face conversation becomes.

Yes, it takes time to network but break down the numbers and suddenly it’s not so daunting. In fact it’s quite productive. If you average just one networking event per week, that’s 50 in a year, allowing for two weeks’ vacation.  If you make six good contacts per event, follow up and get a meeting with half of those contacts you’ll have three good meetings. If half those meetings result in great networking contacts you’ll average 1.5 long term networking contacts per week. You’ve just picked up 75 contacts a year that can either refer business to you or turn into business themselves. Do you think if you made 75 new solid business contacts per year your business would increase?

Take a few minutes today and look for networking events in your area.

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